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The Unforgettable 90’s

I suspect my love affair with BMW began the day I was born, which happened to also mark the occasion my Dad took delivery of his 1990 BMW 320i. Carefully configured to include BMW’s lowered M sports suspension, stunning M3 wheels, and sporty Recaro seats, my Dad’s navy blue and beige 320i will forever be engraved in my heart as one of my best childhood memories.

I remember at age 5, I would at times be allowed to control the wheel from my dads lap. At 11 I had begun to park it, and at 15 I was allowed one drive around the block for each time I promised to clean it. I must have spent hours admiring its square sporty yet elegant lines. In 1999 along came a Blue Water E39 M5. The coolest, baddest, clutch-your-heart beautiful car on the market. I was smitten, again.

I write daily opinion pieces and post daily video commentaries on my blog, “Alexotics Auto Talk”. My weekly following of 2000 viewers is expected to exceed 2500 at the end of March. It would be an honor and a lifelong dream to represent the car company that has been embedded throughout my life.

Alexander De Clerck.

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  1. Congratulation Alex.

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