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Get the right BMW electrical parts from Bimmer Guys! Select your vehicle to ensure that you will find the right parts with a perfect fit. Every BMW vehicle is made to give you ultimate driving satisfaction. The most up to date automotive technology, the distinct auto designs and the  most advanced auto parts are put together in this one top-notch vehicle, making it indeed your ultimate driving machine.  It affords its users  excellent riding comfort and safety, exhilarating drive and stylish driving, which converts every BMW experience into pure pleasure. BMW  design  is unique, veering away from the trends in auto design; instead, BMW creates its own design that integrates both the classic and the modern.

These make driving a BMW always rewarding and every BMW owner a proud one. Whats behind your BMW superior performance? Let’s take a look at the electrical system. It is one of the most important systems in your vehicle, including the cars major components: the battery, alternator and the starter motor. Other parts included in this system are the gauges, lights,  horn, ignition coil and switch, voltage regulator and more. During the earliest times in the auto industry, electricity is only used for ignition.

The second decade of the 20th century marked a new era for cars as electric starter, electric headlights, and electric horn were introduced. Now as vehicles  become more and more complicated and loaded with various electrical gadgets and components, a more elaborate electrical system is required.The basic tasks of an electrical system are to produce, store and distribute electricity to various car parts that needs it.  Most of us would think that the battery  is the main source of electricity but it is actually the alternator that produces the electricity, which is then stored in the battery.  A 12-volt power is stored in the battery and this power is used to start the engine and the vehicle’s auxiliary devices when the engine is at rest.  It is the alternator or the alternating-current generator that supplies power to the entire electrical system when the engine is on and is the one  that recharges the battery.

Another main part of the BMW Series electrical system is the starter motor, which is used to start the engine by converting the electricity into mechanical energy. When you turn on the ignition switch, power coming from the battery goes to the solenoid above the starter, creating a magnetic field that causes  the solenoid plunger to move the starter motor. The starter motor then spins the drive and turns the meshed gears, providing power to the crankshaft.  Then the cylinder is prepared for ignition. After the engine has started, the ignition key is released and the magnetic field collapses.  The plunger goes back, shutting off the starter motor.

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BMW 1 Series Electrical/Sensor

* BMW 1 Series Battery
* BMW 1 Series Starters
* BMW 1 Series Alternators
* BMW 1 Series Mass Air Flow
* BMW 1 Series Crank Position Sensors
* BMW 1 Series Throttle Position Sensors
* BMW 1 Series Speed Sensors
* BMW 1 Series Coils, lights etc….

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