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Ultimate Blogger Wanted.

BMW Obsessed? Apply Within.

$65,000 salary. A condo. A new BMW every six months. International travel.

A year-long, exhilarating employment opportunity. Apply at

TORONTO, ON (February 16, 2011)


Ultimate Blogger


Endras BMW, one of Canada’s most innovative BMW retailers, is offering the ultimate job for a social media savvy, BMW enthusiast. Beginning today, anyone in the world who loves to be “in the BMW know” can attempt to make a career of it by applying to be Endras’ Ultimate Blogger at The most qualified and connected applicant will land the job of a lifetime. This in-house social media gig pays the chosen candidate $65K a year to drive a brand-new BMW, attend BMW events around the world, find the latest BMW news, and blog, Tweet and Facebook about it all. If these responsibilities aren’t enough to pique interest, the job also comes with a downtown Toronto condo for the Ultimate Blogger to call home for the duration of his or her contract.


Obsessed with performance
Possesses an in-depth knowledge of BMW product and is willing to spend all day and night writing about it
Can easily summarize information in 140 characters or less
Prefers to “like” something on Facebook rather than in person
Willing to live rent/mortgage-free for a year
Has a valid driver’s licence
Open to international travel

Proof of a high-performance past


Stage 1: The Blog. All that stands between the qualified applicant and Stage 2 is 200 words and proof that said applicant is socially connected enough to make his or her sample blog post the most popular.

Stage 2: The Video. To prove their worth, the top 20 have exactly 48 hours to create and submit a video that demonstrates their obsession with performance.

Stage 3: The Interview. The 10 contestants whose videos received the most votes get some face time with the man in charge of hiring the Ultimate Blogger.


Stage 1 closes on April 1. Interested applicants should visit for complete details or click here to apply now. International applicants welcome.

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