BMW E46 Front Brakes And Rotors Installation

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This Diy is for Bmw E46 models (1999-2005) . First get the new parts, brake rotors, brake pads and a sensor. I used Fremax Rotors and TRW Pads.

Lift the car, secure it on Jack Stands and remove the tire (NEVER work with the car supported only by it’s own car jack). Start by removing the anti-rattle spring by prying out with a flat screwdriver.

Remove  the Abs, brake sensor and brake lines from the retaining clip. Move them side to side until they pop out.


Caliper bolts are covered with 2 plastic caps, just pull them out and don’t forget to put them back in after installation.


Use a 7mm allen socket to remove both caliper guiding bolts. Pull the bolts out completely and clean them.


After removing the bolts pry out the caliper with a flat screwdriver and pull the sensor out of the brake pad.


Use a piece of wire and hang the caliper on the spring. Do Not leave the caliper hanging by the brake line or you are going to need a new one along with the brakes.


Open the box and unplug the old brake sensor.


Remove the old pads, the inner pad will be in the caliper, pry it out. There are two 16mm bolts holding the caliper carrier in place. Unbolt them and remove the carrier.


There is an 6mm allen head bolt that holds the rotor in the hub and that thing usually does not like to come out easily. If you have a small torch you can try to heat it up before trying to remove it otherwise take a chisel point and a hammer. Last resource is to drill the head of the bolt out (brakes are going to function fine without it anyway).


Now, there is good chance the rotor will be stuck on the hub , so you might have to use a hammer and hit it from the inside to take it out. If you are going to hammer it better put a wheel bolt in the hub so that thing doesn’t fly away. Clean up the hub and all the other parts with brake cleaner and a brush. Installation in the exact reverse of the removal. It’s a good idea to use anti-seize grease on the hub (before installation of the new rotor) and the caliper carrier where the pads sits. New rotors usually are covered in a thin oil to preserve them from rust and should be cleaned with brake cleaner before installing them.


You will need to push the caliper piston in to make space for new pads and rotors. I just used a big pair of pliers. It will require a bit of force though.

Install the caliper carrier and put the brake pads in place. The outer pad should go into the carrier and the inner pads into the caliper. When installing the caliper holding bolts make sure you go by hand  until first few threads go in, so you do not strip the bolts or the carrier.

After everything is installed push the new brake sensor into the inner brake pad, install the anti-rattle clip and your done. Depress the brake pedal several times until it gets firm before starting the car. (Sell My Car)  or it’s members are not responsible for any thing you do to your car, and can not be held liable for any damage you may do by reading this blog and applying it to your car.

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BMW E39 Cup Holder Removal

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BMW E39 Cup Holders grrrrrr

1. Open both front cup holders

2. Unfasten screws

3. Using a small flat screwdriver and just slid it in enough to get that lip to push down slightly.

How To Read A Car Vin Number

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What do the numbers and letters in a VIN mean!?

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Bmw E36 Glove Box Removal

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Open the glove box and  remove  4 frontal  phillips screws.

There are 2 more phillips screws hidden behind the air vents. To remove the vents place a flat screwdrivers on the side and pry it out of the socket.

Remove the light from the top of the box, just pry it out with a flat screwdriver and disconnect the wires.

Pull the glove box straight out, it should come out quite easily.

Installation is the reverse of removal.